We are your backend, development team, to build a
desired social network or online community
in the shortest duration and lowest cost

Required things to launch a social network

  • Fast loading in spead
  • Clean layout
  • Minimum Enough features for target users
  • Optimize fresh phpfox
    the site includes phpfox's default apps
    not customized yet
  • $ 400
  • Best PHP configuration with NGINX, PHP 7.2, Opcache Optimized
  • External Storage like Amazon S3 for Unlimited Upload photo and Video 
  • CDN setup for Speed up loading  static contents
  • Extendable with Large Scale deployment Architecture
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  • Optimize customized phpFox
    the site includes phpfox's 3rd party plugins
    Or the site is customized
  • Contact Us
  • Include all Optimized Setup
  • Improve Code and Database Performance of Your Site
  • Multi Server with AutoScaling base on current load
  • Handle more concurrent user and monitoring performance Automaticaly
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We are serving clients in following domains

Built-in Niche Social Network Solutions

If you are finding a niche social network solution to buy, install, and launch within one or some days. We have 3 solutions available here

Customize Niche Social Network

We have 6 years in Niche social network development. We do a full cycle development with Consulting, Analysing, Design, Development, Testing and deploying. You can choose a full cycle or just some of these services.

Maintain Monitoring Niche Social Network

If you want to have a team to monitor and/or maitain your site after launching, leave it for us.

Make niche Social Network Scaling

Optimization and performance is a big problem while running a large scale website, we have experience to deploy large scale niche social networks.