September 25, 2017

The demo theme has some special pages like Landing page , Static pages (Privacy, Terms,...) . How to configure it as good as the demo site?

1) Landing page : 

2) Privacy 

3) Terms 

This article guides to set up those pages as good as the demo site.


1) Set up landing page

Set up blocks User Sign Up & Welcome at position Block 3 and Block2 respectively


Edit content of Welcome block in the theme's customization space


HTML Content for Welcome block. Download here 


2) Edit Static pages (Privacy, Terms,...)

Login the site as admin

Go to a static page & press on the bottom right corner


Download and past this HTML content into. Download here

You will have the page as above.


This a a basic setting, you can edit it as you want.

Remember that each theme has its HTML structure. If you want to customize it, it's quite possible but you should know to style it as you want.

September 23, 2017

Main Focus,

Premium Note Them with purpose:

  • Make Mobile and Tablet layout more friendly than existing themes on this market. See above photos to know visually
  • Re-arrange some element more reasonable to save space and make a clear layout
  • Allow to more color parameters in the layout easily
  • If you open our demo and think it looks professional and impressive. That's our success and why you need this theme.

See Demo

Demo link of Premium Note Theme


Best Compatibility: phpFox 4.5.* 

Click for final release   Buy It now


Mobile Premium Note theme