Hello, We still bring the sprite of simplifying social network into this app. If you have ever use the famous sites such as Resume.com, medium.com. We believe that most of you will be convinced by its modern HTML Editor due to it's easy to use and the great UX. ... and we have implemented this Editor in the same way.


Modern Inlite HTML Editor's Speciality

This HTML Editor plugin help user can:

  • compose HTML content when adding a blog, event, marketplace or sending a message in a similiar way as: Resume.com, medium.com .
  • This plugin uses TinyMCE Editor. Therefore, users will get exactly what they see when composing the content.
  • It's easy to edit on mobile devices

Module Integration

  • Blog, Event, Message, Marketplace, Forum new Thread, Pages and Groups Info, Quiz,
  • It's very easy to apply to more plugins via AdminCP settings. You can do this yourself
  • Filter HTML content to prevent XSS Attack from Hacker
  • Mobile Device compatible

Editor features

  • Smart Copy paste
  • Basic text markup like Heading, Bold, Italic, Quote...
  • Upload images from computer, drag & drop support
  • Edit image, crop, rotate photos, adjust photo effects
  • Embed Video from Youtube and others
  • Support insert HTML content from Template
  • Responsive support
  • Insert Table
  • And easy extent more features (contact us to extend more features)

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The Perfect Plan
A sample of HTML editor
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