July 9, 2018

After install Email Template App, You need configure parameters via AdmiCP UI


Go to: AdminCP >> Apps >> Email Template




Email Template admin configure page


  1. Settings Tap: allow you configure all parameters loading in template
  2. Template Editor: Allow you configure Theme, Color, Style of the template



Footer paramters


Each setting in this section, you can add text, html or even css style

Here is an example and result as below







September 25, 2017

The demo theme has some special pages like Landing page , Static pages (Privacy, Terms,...) . How to configure it as good as the demo site?

1) Landing page : 

2) Privacy 

3) Terms 

This article guides to set up those pages as good as the demo site.


1) Set up landing page

Set up blocks User Sign Up & Welcome at position Block 3 and Block2 respectively


Edit content of Welcome block in the theme's customization space


HTML Content for Welcome block. Download here 


2) Edit Static pages (Privacy, Terms,...)

Login the site as admin

Go to a static page & press on the bottom right corner


Download and past this HTML content into. Download here

You will have the page as above.


This a a basic setting, you can edit it as you want.

Remember that each theme has its HTML structure. If you want to customize it, it's quite possible but you should know to style it as you want.

September 23, 2017
The Perfect Plan

Main Focus,

Mobile Left & Right Block with purpose:

  • Display left & right blocks in tab format on Mobile devices
  • Make layout clean and save space
  • Save space for main features
  • This module help to improve a lot for mobile layout. Look at screenshot and demo to feel visually

See Demo

Demo link to this app. Remember to view in mobile device


Best Compatibility: phpFox 4.5.*

Click for final release     Buy it now



September 23, 2017

Main Focus,

Premium Note Them with purpose:

  • Make Mobile and Tablet layout more friendly than existing themes on this market. See above photos to know visually
  • Re-arrange some element more reasonable to save space and make a clear layout
  • Allow to more color parameters in the layout easily
  • If you open our demo and think it looks professional and impressive. That's our success and why you need this theme.

See Demo

Demo link of Premium Note Theme


Best Compatibility: phpFox 4.5.* 

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Mobile Premium Note theme

September 23, 2017

How can Quick Translator save time?

Visually, that’s all. How to do you translate a document? You go from the top to bottom of the document and translate one by one How do you translate a web page? You take a look from the top to toe of the page and want to translate one bye one. Now, you can translate the web page in this natural process with the Quick translator tool. When tool is turn on and open a page, all phrases being used in this page are list out with following information:

  • phrases
  • words in each phrase
  • status of translating in each language
  • You can filter the phrase by keyword or status to narrow down the phrase you want to change or missing/incompleted phrases. All are listed when the page is loaded completely.
  • Then, please on each phrase/word to open a popup to translate it.

Feature list

Translator panel: what you see phrases on page, will you get translate option right on your han

  • Browse phrases loaded on current page
  • Display status of phrases to let you know the phrases are translated or not
  • Search by text, var_name, module, default text
  • Filter by status of phrases (Translated, Same default phrase or not translated)
  • Translate one phrase into multiple language on one form
  • Multiple phrases translate on one form

Translator Dashboard: Use to manage and translate all phrase on the site by module, status, language…

  • Show statistics of phrases translation status to anwser how many phrases translated or not, How many phrase on each module not translated
  • Load phrase by module and status of phrases
  • Search phrase, load more phrase via ajax
  • Quick form to translate phrase

Quick User Guide

  • After install, goto Frontend and click on "Active Translator" menu at footer to start module. Click again to de-active module
  • Each license is for only one domain

Click for final release


 The Perfect Plan

September 23, 2017

When should you have this Note app?

Note app is a facebook-note-like app. It is designed to improve UX so that user feel comfortable to when posting a note content and display the layout in modern style to easy to read. Still keep Simplify Social Network's concept, make layout simple and friendly.

Note app's features

1) Note app's basic features

Add note form: the layout is very simple,

less field to input

support placeholder to simplify form and make it modern

Autocomplete to select category

Hashtag in content

Note listing page

Show the amount of like and comment

Show social network sharing Note app on mobile

Well responsive to on mobile devices

2) Note app's advanced features

To have following functions it requires to buy others plugins *

support HTML Inlite Editor like or or Facebook's Note if you also install the app HTML Editor

Allow to vote for a note if you also install app Rating plugin

Show the voted value on the note listing if you also install app Rating plugin


How to use demo:

Register an account there (just one minute ONLY)


Note 1.3 updated

      • Add Category Block on Main Note page
      • Support BB code
      • Fix layout issues

Install/upgrade: After install or upgrade, do not forget Clear Cache and then Rebuild core theme to update CSS

To have all advanced features , you need to have Rating plugin and HTML Editor. Click on above links to buy them.

This is a free plugin, any support may be charged $20+

Click for final release   Buy It now


The Perfect Plan

September 23, 2017

b60955936748e12ff554f430af9c4772_view.pngWhy should you have rating function in a social network?

Together with like & comment, rating is an important feature to measure users' feedback for a post...

  • Like is a scale with 2 values like or not like
  • Comment is verbal form of feedback
  • Rating is a scale of 5 levels (5 stars) to measure how much do users like an post. Users can reveal their feeling by give how many stars with a common meaning:
            * 1 star: very bad
    * 2 stars: bad
    * 3 stars: no idea
    * 4 stars: good
    * 5 stars: very good
  • The more you understand user's feedback, the better you can improve the content.

How to use RATING app?

This app is to cooperate with other apps to measure user's feedback in 5-level scale as mentioned.

After installed, user can see rating function on the right side of a detail page of following apps Pages, Groups, User, Blog, Marketplace, Event, Quiz, Poll, Music Song, Music Album by default. Site admins can show/hide this function by enable/disable the block on those pages.

How much can Rating app shake hand with other apps?

100% works in following default

Pages | Groups, User, Blog, Marketplace, Event, Quiz, Poll, Music Song, Music Album

80% works with 3rd party apps...

This app can work with most of 3rd party apps if they follow phpFox's standard app structure. In the worst case, we will do custom work to support with a very supporting fee of $40 ONLY. However, this is a rare case. So, are you confident to use this plugin now?

Rating workflow and features

  • Users access a detail page and click on stars to rate
  • A user can rate only one time for a post
  • Condition to rate: must login
  • Post owner is notified once a user rate for. Who rated? How much stars?
  • Click on total voting number to see list of voters
  • Show the chart of rating

Setting/Configuration in backend

  • Allow owner to rate for his post
  • Turn on/off rating function for a module
  • Show/hide chart of voting


  • PhpFox Compatible**: v4.0.0 or above
  • Product version**: 1.1

If you need this translate tool for phpFox v3 site, contact us to have a deal


How to use demo:

  • Register an account there (just one minute ONLY)
  • Rate for an existing blog or any post there
  • Each license is for only one domain

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The Perfect Plan

September 23, 2017

HTML vs Plain Text Email template. Which one do you prefer to get?


 This app, HTML Email template, is a tool so that the site can send out EMAILs with graphic HTML format instead of plain text email.

HTML Email template's features

  • Send email in HTML format
  • Configure logo, site name, highlighted contents in the email
  • We support a vary of template so that you can update or change template free.
  • Customise colour scheme via AdminCP in only 2 minutes to have your brand colour format

It's never easier to have a look and feel HTML Email format.

User Guide

After install:

  • 1: Goto AdminCP > Apps > Email Template > Settings: Configure logo, site name, highlighted contents in the email
  • 2: Goto AdminCP > Apps > Email Template > Template Editor: Review template, change template and customise colour scheme

September 23, 2017


  • Loginvia large social network accounts like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Twitter easily
  • Sign up with large social network accounts like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Twitter and profile is generated automatically
  • Share a content to social networks is very simple and friendly with this app.
  • Layout is well responsive.
  • Popular social network APIs are supported: Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Twitter

With this app, users do not hesitate to become a member on your community and are ready to share/exponent contents to popular networks.

See Demo


Best Compatibility: phpFox 4.5.*

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A sample to use Sharing function
Example of  Sign Up & Sharing with Social

September 23, 2017

Hello, We still bring the sprite of simplifying social network into this app. If you have ever use the famous sites such as, We believe that most of you will be convinced by its modern HTML Editor due to it's easy to use and the great UX. ... and we have implemented this Editor in the same way.


Modern Inlite HTML Editor's Speciality

This HTML Editor plugin help user can:

  • compose HTML content when adding a blog, event, marketplace or sending a message in a similiar way as:, .
  • This plugin uses TinyMCE Editor. Therefore, users will get exactly what they see when composing the content.
  • It's easy to edit on mobile devices

Module Integration

  • Blog, Event, Message, Marketplace, Forum new Thread, Pages and Groups Info, Quiz,
  • It's very easy to apply to more plugins via AdminCP settings. You can do this yourself
  • Filter HTML content to prevent XSS Attack from Hacker
  • Mobile Device compatible

Editor features

  • Smart Copy paste
  • Basic text markup like Heading, Bold, Italic, Quote...
  • Upload images from computer, drag & drop support
  • Edit image, crop, rotate photos, adjust photo effects
  • Embed Video from Youtube and others
  • Support insert HTML content from Template
  • Responsive support
  • Insert Table
  • And easy extent more features (contact us to extend more features)

Click for final release


The Perfect Plan
A sample of HTML editor