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Our HTML Editor plugin have been added many new values in this new version.  Take a look at the new photo bellow. Much of valued features are added to the tool bar and the NEW template system to help to add beautiful content very quickly. Table of Contents First: Values for poster in the front end 3 styles of editor tool bar Many new valued features added to the editor The new Insert Template feature Template with photo Heading Backend, Easy for System Admin with new Configuration Interface Configuration panel for editor Select buttons Where are support the editor? Conclusions & What Next?   First: Values for content composer in the frontend Editor support 3 styles of tool bar In this new release, we added 3 styles of editor. Use for small text area like message box, full feature editor use to build rich content or default style for general purpose. And the System Admin will make decision which style and which features to load for each elements in AdminCP. Detail will be describe below.   Compare 3 styles of Editor   Small Editor when compose message   Default Editor loaded in posting Forum Thread   Full feature editor when posting blog/note/static page     New tool bar buttons and valued features in this release With the older version, you can upload image from computer, edit or crop it. Embed videos, music and support any feature of standard editor. The new version you can: Restore content stored in 30s Search and replace text Insert table of content Auto insert link when your type or paste a link like this Check your Spelling You can also insert table of content base on heading Some emoticons Format text, useful when copy and paste content for other website of word   The new Insert Template feature We build friendly insert template control, You can see buttons at the bottom to preview and quick insert a template. Here is a example:     Template with photo Responsive template with photo and text. Many other template available and extended in future View details »   Heading Donec id elit non mi porta gravida at eget metus. Fusce dapibus, tellus ac cursus commodo View details »   Well! Many valued features for your site and your users. Checkout and buy it now >> Second: The Backend, easy for System Admin with new Configuration Interface The new configuration page help admin easy to add/remove features display on Editor.     Configuration panel for editor Each style of editor, Admin can configure buttons and which page/element will load it. There are 3 panel configure for 3 styles Small: Minimum feature allow on this editor for user easy to use Large: posting blog is an example should use this style, because user need fully control the content in the post Default: Simply but enough feature for compose content       Select buttons All buttons of defined and well tested for use in production.        Where are support the editor? We have a page to help admin define more pages or elements where support to load editor. Click on "What is it?" link to see the guild how to find correct element.       Conclusions & What Next? Our editor plugin is a best chose for your site because of its features and simplification. Don't miss it and Buy It Now If you need more than that or any suggestion. Contact Us What Next? in future we will support more useful templates. Make new feature of content building