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phpFox continue to announce about its progress. It seems this is phpFox's biggest release in 2017. Let's review their promise and compare to the final result in months. How the phpfox 4.6 will be released?

phpFox 4.6.0 – Users Content & Interaction (phpFox Blog, Mar 16, 2017)

Users Content & Interaction – Essential Ingredients for A Live of Any Social Network

Uploading should be convenient as much as possible

Bringing Information to Users – Don’t make them find

Related Information – Give users more, they might be interested.



Sneak Peek for phpFox 4.6.0 (phpFox Blog, July 19, 2017)

What to expect with 4.6.0?

  • The release of the new modern style template, The Material Template.
  • Restructure HTML of all elements of phpFox.
  • New Template for the AdminCP
  • Release most of the default apps of phpFox to be a standalone app which will be published in the store.
  • Add more improvement for each app.


phpFox 4.5.3 Released (phpFox Blog, August 28, 2017)

phpFox said:

we are confident to tell that this will be the most stable version of phpFox ever. We will have full focus on phpFox 4.6.0 to make our Core script even better while you are enjoying this latest version.