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When you start a new PHPFox site, following things that should be check

1. Configurate a SMTP Email server

Email notification is an important feature for every site to help connect with the users and make user go back to your site. PHPFox enable this feature by default but most of server is not support this default configuration so email will not sent out or usually go to spam folder of user.

To configure the Email Server: Go To AdminCP >> Settings >> Mail Server, field neccessery information and make sure to option: Send Mail method is "SMTP" and SMTP Authentication is "YES"


2. Increase Photo upload size configuration

This is very important, Default PHPFox only allow upload photo size is smaller 500K. However, normal smartphone can take 2MB photo.

To do that, go to AdminCP >> User Groups >> Select Manage User Setting of each group

then search change Size setting for "Max file size" option on plugins Photo, User, Event, Marketplace, Pages and Group

I recommend at least 10MB



3. Enable Short URL and URL Match to remove index.php in url

Default PHPFox has "index.php" in every url, you need to remove this make url more friendly and better for SEO

To do that: Go To AdminCP >> Short URL and enable this option to remove index.php in the url

You should also enable option"URL Match" to redirect user to correct domain and reduce duplicate url issue for SEO purpose


4. Contact form feature setup

Contact is a core feature to help visitor can contact with site owner via contact form (Contact link placed under footer menu). This feature is enabled by default, but it will never works if you dont setup "Staff Email"

To configure Staff Email: Go To AdminCP >> Apps >> Contact >> Setting and update Staff Email option

5. Stop registration spam and blog posting spam

If you experience any spam issues, You should enable following options to reduce spamming issue

  1. Enable Google Recaptche: AdminCP > App > Recaptcha
  2. Enable email validation
  3. Require user upload profile picture when registration

Enable above option will help you reduce or stop spamming issue